Electro AD is proud to announce that we now have a corporate video to show all of you our business, our way of working with diaphragm pumps, our values, and objectives. We hope you enjoy it!



For the entire Electro AD team, diaphragm vacuum pumps are not just a product, and the factory is not just a place where we simply carry out our work. Electro AD represents a way of approaching life through continuous improvement and attention to detail. Our entire team is focused on quality standards while also prioritizing personal development and environmental consciousness. Our ultimate goal is to produce high-quality products with personally fulfilled workers and with inherent respect for our environment. Will you join us on this journey towards the future?





At Electro AD, our entire team is dedicated to developing new products and enhancing existing ones with continuous feedback from the market and our own customers. By effectively managing this information, we are able to achieve ongoing improvement and maintain a wealth of insights that assist us in tailoring and evolving products and systems designed with decades of acquired knowledge.

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