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EAD values with our clients

Speed of deliveries

In Electro A.D. we perceive the importance of speedy deliveries. For this reason one of our basics is to deliver orders always on time and adapting as much as possible to the customer’s demands. As our products are tailor made we try to keep our subassemblies, raw material, processes and personnel ready for any last minute need from our clients.

Productos personalizados

Para nosotros en Electro AD el producto es tan importante como nuestro cliente. Por esta razón, nuestro personal experimentado está siempre disponible y listo para ofrecer soluciones conjuntas con el más alto nivel de tecnología.

The envoirenment

We perceive the damaging effects that the industry globally is causing to the environment. For this reason our products as well as our processes look to decrease to a minimum all the environmental pollution and other negative effects.

Quality control

Electro A.D. submits its products to the strictest tests guaranteeing a product of great quality and durability in the worst working conditions.

  • Electrical tests carried out by ABAG certified equipment.
  • Elasticity tests of rubber components with INSTRON certified equipment.
  • Noise tests to detect levels outside of the range considered acceptable.
  • Technical Specifications as vacuum and flow of every pump that we sell are checked and registered by our Technical and Production Departments.
  • Several other specific tests under request.

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Electro AD is proud to announce that on December 2016 we collaborated again with the National Food Bank by making a food donation for a total of 5,300€ value. We remain aware of the difficulties some fellow citizens still face and will keep taking this kind of actions in the future.

This food is basically used for guaranteeing basic nutrition needs of people who are passing through difficult times. As we know it is not possible to give all the help that we would like but it is a small detail that may change in a high way a lot of lives. We take care of our team but also try to collaborate as much as possible to improve our society and this is just another small example.

Social Collaboration:

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Since January 2007 Electro A.D. is worthy of ISO-9001 certificated for its quality management and also has a wide range of products CSA certified.


The concept of sustainability embraces the present and the future at the same time and goes along with the full act of responsibility and commitment of all. Harmful actions today will compromise the life and growth of future generations as it affects the entire planet.

Our company is focused on developing all its acts and projects according to a respectful and sustainable non written law which is common sense. Always thinking in our planet and environment considering each fact that may affect direct or indirectly to it.

Small actions all together, may create big changes.

This is our declaration of principles.